Quality Electrical

Installations since 1991


SHAKTHI ELECTRICALS CHENNAI PVT.LTD. recognizes Environmental, Health and safety as among the highest goals and objectives. The management is fully committed to address all the areas to provide and maintain healthy and safe working environment to all employees and to meet the requirement of the customers.


The responsibility for implementing this policy is assigned with all lines Managers and other staffs; they are expected to be responsible for their actions, including those, which may impact others.


Employees are encouraged to discuss openly on their concerns and issues about hazards and impacts on their work, wastes or services. Employees are expected to work safely and maintain clean, healthy and safe working condition.



Quality – Planning and Execution


The Operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfill the requirements for quality.
We are following the below mentioned Work Practices to achieve Quality Assurance and Quality Control for the electrical work carried out by us. 
Quality Assurance can be mainly attributed to the materials supplied to site and Quality control plan will be for conversion of material supplied to work.


Quality Assurance starts from the ordering of the materials from our Purchase Department. The order to the suppliers will contain the entire specification as indicated in Bill of Quantity and as per the particular specification of the "Tender Document". The Supplier will be given with strict instructions that the material supplied by the Supplier should be in accordance with the specification. For this, the supplier will be asked to produce necessary Type Test Certificate, Manuals and any other relevant document along with the materials supplied.




  • Strive Continuously for Zero accident to personnel, material and other assets with a vision that all accidents can be prevented.
  • Comply with all applicable legislation and regulations and work with authorities, customers and communities to enhance safety and healthy environment.
  • Minimize the noise level and emission of harmful gases in meeting the statutory requirements.
  • Provide a safe and conductive working environment and educate, train, communicate and motivate the employees to enable them to perform their activities in a competent, safe, healthy and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through continual improvement in EHS.

After the initial order is given to the various suppliers, final working drawings will be collected from the Consultants/Clients and detailed assessment for each item of work will be made as per the schemes and as per the layout drawings - for example like Cable Schedule, Light Fitting Schedule, MCB DB schedule. Any changes in the schematic drawings of panels and the quantities and charges/amendments will be informed to the Supplier along with a copy to the Clients/Consultants. This is to ensure that there is no additional or excess material supplied as per the requirement and as per the final working drawing.

Regarding the materials supplied to the site, the material will be checked for the quantity mentioned in the Supplier's invoice.

All the materials received at site will be visually checked for any physical or mechanical damages and for missing or short supply items, the same will be reported to the Office to take necessary action.



The materials received at site will be properly stored and identification tags will be provided before issuing the material for the work. The same will be physically checked and issued.

For all the major equipment supplied by us, necessary factory test certificates, instruction manuals, wherever applicable will be documented and copy of the same along with the final as built drawings will be submitted to the consultants/clients for their records and maintenance.